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If contacted by the IRS or suspect that you are under investigation, you must act quickly in retaining an experienced tax attorney — someone with an extensive understanding of the tax laws and practical experience working with the IRS to resolve issues.

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Criminal Tax Law

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Wills, Trusts And Other Estate Matters

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Providing Positive Resolutions For Tax Disputes

At Boog & Cruser, P.C., we routinely help clients pursue favorable resolutions to tax disputes. Representing taxpayers since 2004, Denver tax lawyer Amanda Boog Cruser is a former U.S. tax prosecutor and certified public accountant. She provides committed representation to clients until there is a final resolution of their tax matter.

A Local Law Firm Emphasizing Personal Service And Attention

As a local law firm, we work directly with clients throughout the Denver metro area to understand their tax issues and pursue the best possible outcomes. If you retain us to handle your tax case, Ms. Cruser will be your counselor and advocate throughout the process.

Attorney Victor F. Boog founded our and has been practicing law in Colorado for over 40 years. In addition to resolving tax matters, our services include business and commercial litigation, real property and land use disputes, and wills, trusts and other estate matters.

Experienced IRS Audit Lawyer · Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora

Our office is on Wadsworth Boulevard in Lakewood, conveniently located just off of U.S. Route 285. To discuss how we can assist you with a tax dispute or any other legal issue, please contact us at 303-986-5769 or by email to set up a free initial phone consultation.

Client Testimonials

I came to see Amanda after I was audited by the IRS. The auditor had been difficult to work with and disallowed most of my expenses. As a result, I was given a tax bill that was greater than $100,000. She told me that we would get everything straightened out and she was right. After she was done with the audit reconsideration, I got a new tax bill for around $1,200.00.”
– H.P., a Denver Small Business Owner

We hired Amanda to help us with our employment tax problems. Due to a loss of business from the recession, we got behind on our employment taxes. She helped us to get back on track and was able to advise us regarding trust fund recovery penalties. She was able to negotiate a payment plan for the company and convinced the IRS not to make civil penalty assessments against us personally for the trust fund taxes.
– T.B., a Lakewood Small Business Owner

My wife and I hired Amanda to represent us in our business audit. We were very concerned because in reviewing our records in preparation for the audit we realized that we had made lots of errors. We were so worried about the audit that we weren’t able to get much sleep at night. Amanda made us feel very comfortable and she was able to convince us not to worry. We greatly appreciated her hard work on our case. We did end up owing the IRS some money, but she was able to avoid significant penalties.
– K.W., a Littleton Resident