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Providing Experienced Attorney Representation And Guidance

Attorney Victor Boog brings decades of experience in handling all types of civil litigation. He has successfully tried cases all over the state of Colorado and in neighboring states, as well as prevailing in the federal courts. He also has a reputation for successfully appealing cases in the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Colorado. His practice focuses on business and contract disputes, land use and zoning matters, and mechanic’s liens and construction cases.

Attorney Amanda Boog Cruser began her career at the United States Department of Justice, Tax Division, working closely with the IRS to prosecute tax cases including failure to file tax returns, filing false tax returns, and evasion of the assessment and payment of taxes. She gained a thorough understanding of the IRS, which is an advantage in handling both civil and criminal tax matters. She also offers her clients the opportunity to work with an attorney who is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She regularly assists clients in audits and collection proceedings and negotiates settlements on their behalf. She also represents clients who are being criminally investigated or have been charged with tax offenses.

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