A Former U.S. Tax Prosecutor And CPA Protecting Your Rights

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Finding A Tax Representative Who Is Right For You

Attempting to resolve outstanding tax liabilities on your own is challenging and confusing. It is therefore essential to find a representative who knows the law and understands how the IRS works.

Amanda Boog Cruser at Boog & Cruser, P.C., has extensive experience in resolving tax disputes. Her knowledge and qualifications allow her to settle your tax debt in the best possible fashion.

Experienced Tax Attorney Serving You

Attorney Amanda Boog Cruser began her professional career working for the United States Department of Justice Tax division. During that time, she prosecuted a large variety of tax cases. This experience gave her a deep understanding of civil and criminal tax cases. Amanda is also a certified public accountant (CPA).

She regularly assists clients in audits and collection proceedings and negotiates settlements on their behalf. She also represents clients who are being criminally investigated or have been charged with tax offenses.

Her experience includes:

Many “tax defense firms” may only have one employee on staff authorized to practice before the IRS. Unfortunately, it may not be the person you regularly communicate with at that firm. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you are being represented by a lawyer when you are not.

How You Can Reach Us

Consider speaking to a Colorado lawyer you can meet face to face. Contact Amanda Boog Cruser today, at Boog & Cruser, P.C., for a free initial consultation by calling 303-986-5769. You can also reach us by email.