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“I came to see Amanda after I was audited by the IRS. The auditor had been difficult to work with and disallowed most of my expenses. As a result, I was given a tax bill that was greater than $100,000. She told me that we would get everything straightened out and she was right. After she was done with the audit reconsideration, I got a new tax bill for around $1,200.00.”

H.P., a Denver Small Business Owner

“We hired Amanda to help us with our employment tax problems. Due to a loss of business from the recession, we got behind on our employment taxes. She helped us to get back on track and was able to advise us regarding trust fund recovery penalties. She was able to negotiate a payment plan for the company and convinced the IRS not to make civil penalty assessments against us personally for the trust fund taxes.”

T.B., a Lakewood Small Business Owner

“My wife and I hired Amanda to represent us in our business audit. We were very concerned because in reviewing our records in preparation for the audit we realized that we had made lots of errors. We were so worried about the audit that we weren’t able to get much sleep at night. Amanda made us feel very comfortable and she was able to convince us not to worry. We greatly appreciated her hard work on our case. We did end up owing the IRS some money, but she was able to avoid significant penalties.”

K.W., a Littleton Resident

“Victor, thanks for pulling rabbits out of a hat. Our property was saved because of you. A special thanks to Bonnie and the team for their hard work. We wish you prosperity, health and happiness in the New Year and many more victories for the little guys out there.

D.H., a Jefferson County Resident

“Victor, I certainly wish to thank all of your staff (most particularly Amanda) for expeditiously getting all of the money which I was owed, and which I had feared I never would have received without your help!”

M.D., a Lakewood Resident

“Thank you for another huge win for our company. This is the second year in a row you have provided us with a financial benefit through litigation. Court battles are not our favorite way to make or save money, but we’ll take it. We thank you for your diligence in pursuing the issue and prevailing in our sales and use tax case.”

J.F., Deputy General Counsel for a Golden Corporation

“All of us wish to congratulate and thank you for a job well done on the Jeffco property tax issue. This was a major win for our company. What you may not know is how much we recognize and appreciate your contributions in achieving this victory as well as the numerous other wins you have achieved for us. Your negotiation skills, legal prowess, analytical skills and lastly, but not least, “savvy” have all been touted as indispensable to this victory. The results speak for themselves.”

T.W., Representing a Golden Corporation