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Resolving Zoning, Land Use And Administrative Matters

Attorney Victor F. Boog provides representation for landowners and developers in issues involving land use, rezoning, special uses, vacations, variances, and development. He has represented clients in zoning matters including rezoning and zoning violations, site plans and subdivision, and variances and administrative appeals. He has extensive experience working with local officials throughout Colorado and has appeared before Boards of County Commissioners, and Boards of Adjustment.

Property Dispute Representation

Attorney Victor F. Boog has represented clients for more than 40 years in land use litigation including disputes concerning zoning, boundary disputes and adverse possession claims, easements, and eminent domain. He has argued land use cases before District Courts, the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court.

Dealing With Property Tax Issues

Our firm represents land owners in cases challenging property tax assessments. We have had success before local boards and the Colorado Board of Assessment in having property taxes reduced.

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